2015 -2016 AIAA UC Davis Chapter Officer Applications

Officer Applications

The UC Davis chapter of the AIAA will begin interviewing for board positions Monday, October 12th. All interested parties should send a resume and interview availability for the dates 10/12 – 10/16 to cestevens@ucdavis.edu. If interviews extend to the following week, you will be contacted for updated availability information.


The Treasurer is chiefly responsible for handling the financial affairs of the UC Davis AIAA Chapter. This includes working directly with the Chapter Chair and the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering to manage purchases. Primary duties include submitting purchase orders, expense reports, budgetary planning, and cost predictions.


The Secretary will be chiefly responsible for coordinating communication between the AIAA UC Davis Chapter board and campus members. This includes working with the Media Outreach Officer to ensure that all members are aware of upcoming events and event details. Primary duties include taking minutes at all official organizational meetings, managing organizational document sharing and storage, sending emails to members, and creating media for upcoming events.

Event Coordinator

The Event Coordinator will be chiefly responsible for overall event planning. This includes working with the AIAA UC Davis Chapter board to plan events on campus and with industry, facility reservations, and the actual day-of event management. Primary duties include selecting dates and locations for events, long term event development, and ensuring that all aspects of chapter events are dealt with.

Media Outreach Officer

The Media Outreach Officer will be chiefly responsible for the UC Davis Chapter’s online presence. This includes maintaining the UC Davis AIAA Facebook page and web page.  Primary duties include sharing event information and aerospace news  on the various platforms, creating fliers, and keeping a record of past events.